弘光科技大學以服務人群,關懷社會,提高國人生活品質及生命保健為宗旨。特於2023年6月12-13日舉辦2023 銀髮族和伴侶動物健康照護國際研討會(2023 International Conference on Senior Citizen and Companion Animal Healthcare),旨在提高人們對人口老齡化及迅速成長的伴侶動物所帶來挑戰的認識,並尋求友善人寵促進健康的策略。


With improvements in nutrition, sanitation, medicine, healthcare, education and living standards, the aging population of the world continues to grow at an amazing rate. Taiwan is facing one of the fastest aging population. How we can delay aging and help the seniors improve their quality of life is an issue for the future development of related industries.

Over the last few decades, the demographic structure and lifestyle have changed, and pet owners in Taiwan have increased year by year. According to statistics, the number of registered domestic dogs and cats has surpassed the number of newborns for many years in a row. The owners put a lot of effort into each “fur kid”, and the pet industry has become an economic force that cannot be underestimated.

HungKuang University aims to serve the people, care for the society, and improve the quality of life and health care of people. The 2023 International Conference on Senior Citizen and Companion Animal Healthcare will be held on June 12-13, 2023, focusing on raising awareness of the challenges of aging population and rapidly growing companion animals and seek strategies to promote health with kindness.