銀髮族健康照護組Senior Health Care Group

  1. 食品加工/食品工程/品管 Food Processing / Food Engineering / Quality Control
  2. 食品分析/食品安全 Food Analysis / Food Safety
  3. 食品保健/生化/營養 Food Health / Biochemistry / Nutrition

伴侶動物健康照護組 Companion Animal Health Care Group

  1. 動物行為研究 Research in Animal Behavior
  2. 動物福祉和健康照護研究 Research in Animal Welfare and Healthcare
  3. 動物臨床生醫與動物照護領域 Area in Animal Clinical Biomedicine and Animal Care
  4. 寵物食品與保養品研發與品保 R&D and Quality Assurance of Pet Food and Skin Care Products
  5. 寵物產業趨勢研究 Research in Pet Industry Trends

高齡服務與管理組 Elder Services and Management Group

  1. 長期照顧管理 Research in Long-term Care Management
  2. 老人福利相關研究 Research in Elder Welfare
  3. 高齡教育相關研究 Research in Elder Education
  4. 高齡產業相關研究 Research in the Elder Industry
  5. 其他高齡相關研究 Other Areas of Aging-Related Research